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How To Create A Better Booth Display

Creating a nice vendor booth display helps in attracting more customers and in the vendor making more sales. Vendors should know their demographics at the shows they choose to do as this helps in how the display should be setup.

Booth display is one of the most important things when working an arts and crafts show or event. The more organized and beautiful the display the more attraction the booth will get from attendees walking by. There are several things you should understand when it comes to booth displays, below are a few tips to follow to help you.

Booth should be organized well and not cluttered just to get more product on the table(s). Organization could be done by price range or by product – which ever you feel more comfortable with.

Less is more – Your booth does not need to have everything but the kitchen sink. The theory that displaying more products mean more money does not apply here. It depends upon the demographics where the show is located. Having less items also keeps the booth from being cluttered.

Post signs for specials and discounts. Let attendees know you have a sale going on and discounts are available. This will help you engage with the attendees more when they realize you are having a sale.

Usage of bright colors and lights helps in getting attention of attendees. Add colorful lights to your table, include a colorful table cloth, you could even add colorful balloons – anything that helps get additional attention is a good thing.

Booth displays don’t need to be perfect but they should follow the tips above and be organized. A good looking display will sell more products then one that is junky and looks like a flee market.

You booth display does not always need to be the same either – sometimes it’s a good idea to change around your booth display and test to see what works better. Vendors should always be testing to see what produces better results.

How To Become A Better Vendor For Shows

Every vendor should have some type of business skills and understand how business works. If you are lacking in this area then it is suggested that you take some online business courses or find a mentor. Becoming a better vendor means you are helping not only your business but helping the arts and crafts shows that you attend.

While most vendors want to know how many vendors are going to be at a show or how many attendees are coming, they should really be focused on helping to promote the show they are attending. Doing this helps their business and the entire show for everybody.

Most promoters do all the advertising they can with the budget they have – signs, billboards, posters, flyers, tickets, online event websites, online ads, and etc. The marketing and promotion of a show does not need to stop here though. Vendors attending the show should be doing their part to advertise also.

Promoters will supply event pages that vendors can invite their friends to. They will also provide any promotional material and graphics if asked. Vendors should take advantage of this as it will help their business grow more by helping to advertise the shows they are going to be working.

Below is a short list of things vendors can do to become a better vendor:

Hand out flyers and tickets in your local community. Neighbors, local stores, community centers, and libraries are excellent places to start with.

Post on social media what arts and crafts shows you are going to be at – give dates, locations, and times.

Share the event pages that promoters create. Share them with friends and family and through social media post.

Hang up flyers on light poles throughout the community where the arts and crafts shows are located.

There are many ways to advertise online and offline – vendors should be taking full advantage of this. This is how you become a better vendor for the arts and crafts shows you are working.