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How To Create A Better Booth Display

Creating a nice vendor booth display helps in attracting more customers and in the vendor making more sales. Vendors should know their demographics at the shows they choose to do as this helps in how the display should be setup…. Continue Reading →

How To Become A Better Vendor For Shows

Every vendor should have some type of business skills and understand how business works. If you are lacking in this area then it is suggested that you take some online business courses or find a mentor. Becoming a better vendor… Continue Reading →

Kidz Biz Makes Its Debut Jan 26

Happy Event Promotions along with Artisan Craft Festival introduces Kidz Biz in their upcoming show January 26, 2020 at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino. Kidz Biz is about helping, promoting and growing kid owed businesses. The program is designed for… Continue Reading →

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